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during katrina. do you know when they going to arrive and where they going to be placed? >> reporter: as key we're drove in, we saw fema trucks. i didn't see the fema trailers but they're set up at the school and firehouse here into town and that is where they serving hot meals and the red cross is there. but that is something they're working on all over the jersey coast line. the barrier islands were evacuated and some of them you can't get back into. the areas like the one i am in now, people are allowed to come in during the daytime and try to gather whatever belongings they can and that is the saddest part, watching them return to their homes and go through all of their ruined belongings. >> i can only imagine. it looks like a tornado blew through there and on top of the deaf station, there is no power for most of -- devastation, there is no power for the people and they looking for the items in the dark. thank you for the update. >> it got warmer. >> yeah. >> okay, thank you. >> thank you. >>> and back here at home, we're not dealing with that, but it's colder out there and tha
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1